CHURCH HISTORY (eBook, Read Only)

CHURCH HISTORY (eBook, Read Only)

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by: Robert J. Sargent

A detailed study of the history of the Baptists from the time of Christ and the apostles to the present day - set against the backdrop of a general ecclesiastical history. Revised, with additional information and updating into the early-21st century.

VOLUME ONEFrom the days of the apostles to the end of the Dark Ages 

  An Introduction to Church History 
  Christianity in the First Century 
  Christianity in the Second Century 
  Christianity in the Third Century 
  Christianity in the Fourth Century 
  Christianity in the Fifth Century 
  Christianity in the Sixth Century 
  The Growth of the Papacy 
  Light in the Gloom: The Paulicians 
  The Golden Years of the Papacy 
  Medieval Baptist Churches and Groups 
  The Decline of the Papacy 
  The Anabaptists

VOLUME TWOFrom the Protestant Reformation to the Present Day 

  The Protestant Reformation (Part One) - in Europe 
  The Protestant Reformation (Part Two) - in Great Britain 
  The Counter-Reformation 
  The Development of Protestantism 
  Roman Catholicism in the 17th & 19th Centuries 
  A General Church History in North America 
  Baptist History in North America 
  The Baptist Union in Great Britain 
  The Ecumenical Movement 
  Baptists in the 21st Century 
  National Church Histories (Australasia)

2014 revised edition 
572 total pages 
8½" x 11" spiral bound (two volumes)

Also available as printed spiral-bound book, CD-ROM and printable internet download.