Premarital Preparation Course HANDBOOK

Premarital Preparation Course HANDBOOK

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by: Robert J. Sargent.

Designed especially for pastors and Biblical counselors to help them prepare consecrated Baptist couples for marriage and married life.

The material thoroughly covers the following topics:

1. Love and Marriage.
2. Roles in Marriage.
3. Communication in Marriage.
4. Problems in Marriage.
5. Finances and Marriage.
6. Intimacy in Marriage.

Each topic includes a comprehensive Bible study for the engaged couple, individual questionnaires, and helpful handouts.

Also included are a sample Wedding Policy, a wedding ceremony planning guide, financial planners, and a six-month follow up session.

168 pages.
8½" × 11" spiral bound.

Note: Also available is an unbound set of reproducible masters. These are unbound, single-sided, and clearly marked on the back as such.

Masters available on CD-ROM edition.

Purchasing the Reproducible Masters gives limited permission to make unlimited copies for use in counseling couples for marriage.

Please note: Our policy is to make this particular publication available only to pastors and others properly engaged in Biblical counseling.