Our Evangelists

In addition to assisting other Baptist churches of like faith and order in the financial and prayer support of their church-planting evangelists, Bible Baptist Church is the home/sending Church for:


Wayne & Donna Walley have been serving the Lord in Southern Mindanao since 1979. Bible Baptist Church became their home/sending church in 1989.

Between 1983 and 1988, Brother Walley planted the Bible Baptist Church in predominantly Muslim Cotabato City. This church is now pastored by Brother Feliciano Bernado, and over the years has in turn established several missions and churches through its outreach. The Solid Rock Bible Baptist Institute was established to train pastors and evangelists in 1984.

Between 1991 and 1995, Brother Walley established the Solid Rock Bible Baptist Church in Pigkawayan and the Kampilan Bible Baptist Church at Awang.

Since 1997, the Walleys have helped establish independent Baptist churches at Norala, and Tampakan. In 2004 they began overseeing a new work in General Santos City, and organized the Rock of Ages Bible Baptist Church in June 2006.

In addition to their church planting and preacher training ministries, the Walleys are heavily involved in printing literature for children’s ministries, the translation of the Word of God and preacher-training materials, and the annual “Camp Courageous” youth camp.

Mindanao is the center of a Muslim insurgency, with “MILF” and the al-Queda affiliated “Abu Sayaf” terrorist organizations operating with some frequency. There is also a strong military presence on the island.

In March 2008 the Walleys returned to the Philippines after a year’s furlough. As a result of the untimely death of the pastor of the Rock of Ages Bible Baptist Church, Brother Walley has stepped back in to help the young church adjust to its loss. He is also currently engaged in planting a church in the Uhaw Sarangani Province on southern Mindanao.

You may contact the Walleys by E-mail at Wayne & Donna Walley.


Bible Baptist Church is a missions-hearted church that takes the Great Commission seriously. The Church helps support over 65 ministries in about 30 countries around the world through prayer and regular financial giving.

ANNUAL MISSIONS CONFERENCE: An annual Faith Promise MISSIONS CONFERENCE or a MISSIONS MONTH is held in the fall of each year, during which time members are challenged to make financial commitments of a weekly amount that they will give specifically to world evangelism. This, along with 10% of the general giving, has made possible the raising of over two-and-a-half million dollars to the cause of worldwide missions by the members of this church in its first 34 years.

HIGHWAY 20 PROJECT: The Church’s vision for 2007 and beyond is known as the “HIGHWAY 20 PROJECT,” the goal of which is to reach the 12 communities along a 270 mile stretch of State Route 20 from the south end of Whidbey Island (Clinton, Langley, Freeland, Greenbank), then east to the mainland and across the Cascade Mountains all the way to Okanogan (Burlington, Sedro Woolley, Lyman, Hamilton, Concrete, Winthrop, Twisp). The impetus for this mission was taken from Nehemiah 2:18 (“Let us rise up and build”), which translates into a desire to help rebuild the walls of protection in people’s lives. Our prayer is that the Lord will not only aid us in reaching our Judæa for Christ, but also lead us to plant at least four Bible-believing, Gospel-preaching Baptist churches in strategic centers along this corridor. The first phase (completed in 2007) was to provide each home in these communities a free copy of the Gospel of John & the Book of Romans, together with an offer for a free on-line or in-home Bible study. Phase Two (2008) focused on areas of interest — gauged from the responses received — to establish Bible studies and preaching centers. Phase Three (2009) commenced with the Church's purchase of a travel trailer (January), and its relocation to Twisp (April). Brother Chris Majors and his family, along with other team members, utilized this home away from home to provide a more permanent presence in not only Twisp, but also Winthrop and Okanogan. The church was thrilled to see the continued efforts at the far end of our outreach lead to the first baptism into our church membership in August (a woman from Twisp), deepening our commitment to the establishment of a church in the Methow Valley. Summer door-knocking in the Skagit Valley led to great interest in our follow-up September Creation Rally in Sedro-Woolley with Creation Scientist Pat Briney. It appears that the Lord may be leading us to the Skagit Valley with its thirsting souls as our second major area of focus for church planting along Highway 20.

SICILY MISSION: In October 2008 Brother Tim Geist was sent to Sicily for a couple of weeks to provide assistance to a group of believers who were without a pastor. (Among these brethren were a couple who are members of Bible Baptist Church, transferred to Sigonella under US Navy orders.) Brother Geist provided help and encouragement to the group through his preaching and teaching of the Word of God, by providing leadership training in sermon preparation and Bible doctrine to one of the men, and by giving scriptural guidance in how to identify the man God calls to be their pastor.

MISSIONS TRIPS: The fervor for preaching the Gospel to every creature is kept hot by planned trips to various mission fields. Our pastors have traveled to places such as Australia, the Philippines, England, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Lithuania, and Canada, where they have met with evangelists, pastors, and Christian workers to learn first-hand about the needs of the people. Our Youth have traveled to Mexico, the Czech Republic, and the Yukon Territory of Canada, where they served through tract distribution, singing, and preaching. In the summer of 2007, the Youth traveled to Costa Rica for a 10-day Missions Trip.

SHORT-TERM MISSIONS EXPERIENCE: The Church sponsors a “Short Term Missions Experience” project to assist young people spend an extended period of time living and serving with missionary families. The first young adult to benefit from this opportunity spent time working alongside Bible-believing Baptist evangelists in Thailand, Australia, the Czech Republic, Argentina, and Columbia from November 2005 to October 2006. In the summer of 2006, another single lady spent six weeks in Romania working with a Bible-believing Baptist evangelist among orphan children.

BIBLE TRAINING INSTITUTE: A BIBLE TRAINING INSTITUTE is operated to train men for the ministry. A three-year program in theology and a fourth year of advanced ministry studies are offered. Several graduates are now involved in church planting or full-time ministry.