English Bible: Manuscript Evidence

English Bible: Manuscript Evidence

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by: Robert J. Sargent.

A comprehensive study in Bible Introduction, tracing the history of the Bible from GOD to MAN — from God's revelation of His eternal Word to the Authorized, King James Version we hold in our hands. This manual was written to help prepare men for the Baptist ministry. It demonstrates why the Authorized, King James Version is the pure, preserved Word of God in the English language from a doctrinal, historical, and textual standpoint.

This publication makes good use of charts to help simplify complex facts. It comes complete with study questions and assignments.

Three valuable appendices list details of papyrus, uncial, and minuscule manuscripts; the translators of the Authorized, King James Version "Preface to the Readers;" and a list of English translations, versions, and paraphrases, etc. published since 1611. All are placed in .pdf format on a digital media in addition to the manual.

The 14 lectures are as follows:

1. Revelation.
2. Inspiration.
3. Communication.
4. Canonization.
5. Preservation.
6. Desecration.
7. Emancipation I.
8. Emancipation II.
9. Translation.
10. Coronation.
11. Publication.
12. Discrimination.
13. Proliferation.
14. Altercation.

397 pages + appendix CD.
8½" x 11" spiral bound.