We are frequently asked for permission to translate out publications (in whole or in part) into another language. It is our earnest desire that these materials be used widely and effectively to the glory of God — however, we have learned by experience that it is necessary, expedient, and reasonable for us to set forth certain requirements if this is to be done right.

Translating is a skill that very few possess. Shoddy translating usually does more harm than good in the long run, and can easily bring reproach upon the cause of Christ. For this reason we have established stringent requirements for the translating of any of our publications — requirements that enable us to maintain reasonable control over what is done.

Our materials may not be translated into other languages without our express written permission, and the one initiating and/or doing the translating accepting in writing all our stipulations. One of our requirements is that the translation says exactly what the English text says. While we appreciate the many difficulties involved with translating, no changes may be made to the text (including its teaching and portent) unless such changes have been approved in writing by us beforehand. We retain the right to arbitrate and settle any and all disputes or concerns arising from the text of the finished translation by seeking independent evaluations and opinions.

With all of our translated materials, and all future translated materials, the copyright and ownership remains with the author, and, unless other arrangements and/or agreements are expressly made in writing, we retain the right to publish, advertise, and distribute the translated materials.

To apply for written permission to translate a book or pamphlet, or to receive a copy of our legal requirements, please contact us.