Our Authors

Robert J. Sargent

Brother Robert Sargent has been preaching the Word of God since 1968, and entered the Baptist ministry in 1971. In 1988 he and his family moved to the United States in order to serve as a pastor at Bible Baptist Church, Oak Harbor, Washington. Prior to this, Brother Sargent pastored independent Baptist churches in the Australian states of Victoria and Western Australia.


Publications written by Pastor Sargent include:

Institute Curriculum:

Baptist Doctrine • New Testament Epistles • The Life and Labors of Paul the Apostle • Expository Bible Teaching • Church History • English Bible: Manuscript Evidence • Bible Prophecy • Pastoral Theology • Baptist Church Polity • Harmony of the Gospels • Principles of Personal Evangelism • Bible Preaching

Discipleship Materials:

The ABC’s of Christian Growth • For the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ • The ABC’s of Christian Maturity • Seven Keys for Your New Life in Christ

Outlined Commentaries:

Daniel • Acts • Revelation

Doctrinal Issue Booklets:

What? Me Join This Church? • What? I Must be Rebaptized? • What? I Must Be Invited? • Elder Rule … In a Baptist Church? • The Sign Gifts • The Rapture: A Timely Question

Topical Bible Studies:

Bible Characters

Pastoral Manuals:

Premarital Biblical Counseling


The Gospel • Critical Questions • What is a New Testament Church? • Ten Bible Reasons for Church Attendance

Pastor Sargent is currently involved in organizing and typesetting foreign-language translations of numbers of the Bible Baptist Church Publications materials.

You may contact Brother Sargent at baptist@whidbey.net.

Dr. Gary S. Prisk

May 28, 1947–May 29, 2006

Brother Gary Prisk graduated from Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College, San Dimas, California in 1974. Shortly thereafter he was ordained, then commissioned by the Bible Baptist Church of Sacramento to establish a church on Whidbey Island. A mission began at Coupeville, Washington in August of 1974, and was organized as the Bible Baptist Church in 1975. In 1991, Brother Prisk was honored with a doctorate in Divinity from the Great Plains Baptist College. He served as senior pastor of the Church until March 2006, and was promoted to Heaven’s glory on May 29, 2006.

Publications written by Dr. Prisk are:

Institute Curriculum:

Old Testament History • Life of Christ

Topical Bible Studies:

Baptists Beware