Premarital Preparation Course MASTERS (CD)

Premarital Preparation Course MASTERS (CD)

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by: Robert J. Sargent.

In .pdf format. Read and print using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

These Reproducible Masters are a useful adjunct to this course, which is designed especially for pastors and Biblical counselors to help them prepare consecrated Baptist couples for marriage and married life.

The material thoroughly covers the following topics:

1. Love and Marriage.
2. Roles in Marriage.
3. Communication in Marriage.
4. Problems in Marriage.
5. Finances and Marriage.
6. Intimacy in Marriage.

Each topic includes a comprehensive Bible study for the engaged couple, individual questionnaires, and helpful handouts.

Also included are a sample Wedding Policy, a wedding ceremony planning guide, financial planners, and a six-month follow up session.

Purchasing the Reproducible Masters gives qualified permission to make unlimited copies for use in counseling couples for marriage.

Please note: Our policy is to make this particular publication available only to pastors and others properly engaged in Biblical counseling.