Pastoral Theology (CD)

Pastoral Theology (CD)

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by: Robert J. Sargent.

This publication presents a comprehensive guide to preparing God-called men for the Baptist pastorate. The volume comes complete with study questions and an assignment. It also includes a resource appendix that serves as a companion to the lecture notes. As with all Bible Baptist Church Publications materials, it holds the Authorized, King James Version to be the pure, preserved Word of God in the English language, and is Baptist in its doctrinal content.

.pdf format. Comes with qualified permission to make multiple copies.

The lectures are as follows:

What a Pastor Is

  • His Mandate
  • His Making
  • His Marks
  • His Manners
  • His Mutualities

What a Pastor Does

  • The Pastor as a Messenger
  • The Pastor as a Master
  • The Pastor as a Minister
  • The Pastor as a Militant
  • The Pastor as a Mentor

What a Pastor Grapples With

  • His Money
  • His Menaces
  • His Moving

386 pages + Resource Information

Also available in book form