The Life and Labors of Paul the Apostle (eBook, Read Only)

The Life and Labors of Paul the Apostle (eBook, Read Only)

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by: Robert J. Sargent.

This manual presents a comprehensive study in the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul, including a presentation of the geographical and political background of his day, the chronological and historical account of his life and ministry, and an examination of his sufferings and prayer life. Significant emphasis is placed upon Paul's "missionary methods," comparing them which the methods of the 21ST century. This manual was written to help prepare men for the Baptist ministry. As with all Bible Baptist Church Publications materials, it holds the Authorized, King James Version to be the pure, preserved Word of God in the English language, and is Baptist in its doctrinal content. This publication makes good use of charts and maps to help understand the story of Paul's life — including a chronological chart covering the years of Paul's life. The volume comes complete with study questions and an assignment. The lectures are as follows:

1. The World of Paul
2. The Chronology of Paul
3. The Upbringing of Paul
4. The Conversion of Paul
5. The Sending Church of Paul
6. The First Evangelistic Expedition of Paul
7. The Jerusalem Conference
8. The Second Evangelistic Expedition of Paul
9. The Third Evangelistic Expedition of Paul
10. The First Roman Imprisonment of Paul
11. The Second Roman Imprisonment of Paul
12. The Sufferings of Paul
13. The Prayer Life of Paul
14. The Epistles of Paul
15. A Timeline of the Life and Labors of Paul

READ ONLY — this publication cannot be copied or printed.

272 pages

Also available as a printed spiral bound book, or as a printable .pdf file on CD-ROM or as an Internet Download.