An Historical Harmony of the Gospels (Download)

An Historical Harmony of the Gospels (Download)

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by: Robert J. Sargent.


A four-column chronological harmony of the four Gospel accounts of the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ, accompanied by maps, chronological notes, and a detailed chart of the "passion week." 

 Unlike most other harmonies, this publication does not correct the Word of God and it presents a Wednesday crucifixion in accordance with Matthew 12:40.

 Fully indexed. A great library and study tool. Recommended for use with The Life of Christ course.

 236 pages.

NEWLY REVISED Third Edition 2024

Digital download in .pdf format. Comes with qualified permission for the purchaser to make multiple copies for use in personal ministry.

 Also available as a printed spiral-bound book, a printable CD, and a read-only internet download e-Book.