Principles of Personal Evangelism (Download)

Principles of Personal Evangelism (Download)

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Robert J. Sargent

This manual provides an excellent tool for training men for the Baptist ministry. It is a comprehensive study in the theology and methodology of soul winning, emphasizing three important areas of personal evangelism: the message, the motivation, and the mastery of winning precious souls to Jesus Christ.

The lectures are:

1. The CALL to Personal Evangelism

2. The REASON for Personal Evangelism

3. The MESSAGE of Personal Evangelism

4. The PROCESS in Personal Evangelism

5. The EXAMPLES of Personal Evangelism

6. The POWER for Personal Evangelism

7. The TECHNIQUES of Personal Evangelism

8. The CHALLENGES in Personal Evangelism

9. The SEQUEL to Personal Evangelism

Comes in .pdf format ready for immediate download. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free program).

This digital edition also includes resource material such as evangelistic Bible studies, and suggested student book reviews and assignments.

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As with all Bible Baptist Church Publications materials, this publication holds the Authorized, King James Version to be the pure, preserved Word of God in the English language, and is Baptist in its doctrinal content.

216 pages

Also available as a spiral-bound book, or on digital media in .pdf format