RUSSIAN Edition of "The New Testament Epistles" (Download)

RUSSIAN Edition of "The New Testament Epistles" (Download)

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THE NEW TESTAMENT EPISTLES (Russian Translation) by: Robert J. Sargent
A New Testament Introduction

A faithful RUSSIAN translation of the two volume publication "Lectures in the New Testament Epistles" in printable format .pdf format. The publication provides a thorough study of each of the 21 New Testament epistles (together with an Introduction and a Background lesson), under the following heads:

  • Author
  • Writer
  • Addressee
  • Place of Writing
  • Date of Writing
  • Occasion for Writing
  • Canonicity
  • Theme
  • Key Verse
  • Style of the Book
  • Outline of the Book
  • Homiletic & Doctrinal Appeal
  • Problem Texts
  • Exercises
  • Review Questions

The internet download comes with qualified permission to make unlimited copies. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free program).