The Earthly Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ

The Earthly Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ

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Robert J. Sargent 

This comprehensive course of study takes the student through the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ in chronological order. In two volumes, the 27 lectures are written in an outline format, with copious explanatory notes, scripture references, and sermon starters and outlines. Each lecture includes a set of Study Questions, and there is a written assignment for each of the ten divisions.

The ten divisions are:

1.       Background to the Life of Christ.

2.      The Pre-Incarnate Christ.

3.      The Incarnation of Christ.

4.      Preparation for Public Ministry.

5.      The Year of Obscurity.

6.      The Great Galilean Ministry.

7.       The Later Judæan Ministry.

8.      The Peræan Ministry.

9.      The Final Week.

10.   The Resurrection and Post-Resurrection Ministry of Christ.

432 pages (8½" X 11") — two volumes, spiral bound.

This publication is also available as a printable internet download and as a read-only (non-printable) eBook download.

Because the “Earthly Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ” and “An Historical Harmony of the Gospels” are companion publications, it is highly recommended that both are purchased.