Principles of World Evangelism

Principles of World Evangelism

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Principles of World Evangelism
by: Robert J. Sargent. 

This publication presents a comprehensive outlined Bible study into the principles and practices of New Testament evangelism, comparing them with the common, traditional methods of Baptist missions of the 21st century.
Moving "outside of the box, and into the Book," this study is sure to challenge much of the thinking and methodology of independent Baptist missions. It can be used for private or group study, for teaching adult and youth Sunday School classes, or it can be taught to an entire church body.
The topics covered in this volume are:
1. The Burden. 
2. The Vision. 
3. The Strategy. 
4. The Tactics. 
5. The Maneuvers.
55 pages "8 ½ x 11" spiral bound 

Also available on CD-ROM or as an Internet Download.