Bible Preaching (Book)

Bible Preaching (Book)

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Bible Preaching



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By: Robert J. Sargent


A training manual designed to be used by pastors and evangelists to train their men in the science and art of effectual Bible preaching.

The book has two main divisions — the Preparation of Sermons (Homiletics) and the Preaching of Sermons (Oratory).

The lecture chapters are:

·        Introduction to Homiletics

·        Sermon Basics

·        Sermon Types

·        Sermon Construction

·        Sermon Illustrations

·        The Invitation

·        Preaching Basics: The Setting

·        Preaching Basics: The Speaker

·        Preaching Basics: The Style

Each lecture includes study questions. There is also a preaching evaluation form, and two assignments.


192 pages

8½" X 11" spiral bound


Also available in printable digital format (CD or internet download) and as a read-only internet download